Netgear A6210

在線連接時,速度決定一切。現在藉助 NETGEAR WiFi USB3.0 無線網絡接收棒 (AC1200),即便是使用舊的 Windows 電腦,也可獲得全球最快 Wi-Fi 技術即 802.11ac 的速度。 NETGEAR WiFi USB3.0 的高增益天線可擴寬覆蓋範圍,USB 3.0 的連接速度也比 USB 2.0 更勝一籌。只需要適配器插入到 USB 3.0 端口,您便可以更快地瀏覽網絡,播放流媒體和玩遊戲。兼容 USB 2.0 和最新的 11ac Wi-Fi 設備 ,向後兼容 802.11 a / b / g / n 設備。

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  • Ultimate 802.11ac range & performance
  • Faster access with USB 3.0
  • High gain antennas for improved performance
  • Stream multiple HD videos simultaneously
  • Works with 802.11a/b/g/n and ac devices

AC1200 High Gain WiFi USB 3.0 Adapter

802.11ac Dual Band USB 3.0

The NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi USB 3.0 Adapter with high-gain antennas provides 3x faster access than USB 2.0. Wirelessly connect your notebook or desktop computer to an 11ac network for applications such as lag-free, multiple HD streams throughout your home.

  • Beamforming+ technology boosts speed, range and reliability
  • Desktop dock for flexible placement
  • Push ‘N’ Connect – secured connection at the push of a button
  • Easy NETGEAR genie setup
  • Supports Windows PC, does not support Apple Mac

Compatible with next generation WiFi devices and backward compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/n devices, the AC1200 WiFi USB 3.0 Adapter delivers up to 300/867 Mbps and dual band WiFi technology. NETGEAR genie is included for easy installation. With the NETGEAR Push ‘N’ Connect feature, enjoy a secured wireless Internet connection, at the push of a button.

Package Contents
  • A6210 WiFi USB Adapter
  • USB cable with desktop dock
  • Installation guide
  • NETGEAR genie installation CD

NETGEAR genie App

NETGEAR genie makes installation almost effortless. Genie also allows you to easily monitor, connect and control your home network.

  • Home network manager
  • Find & play media files in your network
  • EZ Mobile Connect - Scan QR code to connect
  • Ultra fast file transfer across devices in your home network
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