Vinpok Bolt USB-C Magnetic Charging Cable for MacBook Pro/Air
  • Support for 87W charging of 13", 15" MacBook Pro
  • Strong magnetism, instant connection & Quick release
  • Dust resistant for charging port of your MacBook
  • Rigorous 4000 times tensile test
  • Increase your charging efficiency by 38%
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價錢 HK$138

USB-C適配端可以固定在新MBP的接口上,而獨特的磁性設計線纜能夠與之相連,擁有與 MagSafe 接口類似的磁吸安全特性。

運送重量: 0.10kg

MagSafe was one of Apple’s most ingenious designs, but this genuinely useful and creative feature was removed from the latest MacBooks when they switched to USB-C charging … until now, with the launch of Bolt magnetic cable.

World's First USB-C Magnetic Cable for Your 15'' MacBook and Phone

With the same breakaway feature that was a trademark of the MagSafe, the Bolt will prevent your MacBook, or any other device such as smartphones, from tumbling to the floor which can provide extra protection for your devices.  

Bolt is the world’s first magnetic cable that fully supports 87W USB-C power adapter charging for 15-inch MacBook Pro and any other USB-C devices. No fuss, no mess and no more fumbling around to plug your cable into the right place.

Transform Your USB-C Cables into a Magnetic USB-C Cables

2184917d45da04d88.gifTo optimize your charging experience, we also designed Bolt Magnetic USB-C Adapter packed full of features. With 4.3 A charging, it provides the safest and fastest way to charge your new MacBook and any other USB-C devices. Simply attach the adapter to your existing USB-C cable, then you can transform your USB-C cable into a Magnetic USB-C cable and take advantage of the MagSafe feature!

Main Features

Bolt provides the easiest way charge your 15-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with a quick and secure connection. Equipped with strong magnetism, this innovative design will perfectly avoid pointless fiddling to plug in cable even in the dark. Now you can spend less time plugging in and have more time enjoying the convenience that Bolt brings to you.


As the world’s first USB-C magnetic cable to properly charge your 15-inch MacBook Pro, the Bolt achieves a max current range of 4.3 Amps with its 87W USB-C power adapter. With a superior built-in chipset, it is faster and more stable while charging your 12-, 13-, 15-inch MacBook, and more.

When Bolt Magnetic Cable is tugged or pulled, it detaches instantly, preventing your device from flying off the table when someone trips over the cable.

Unlike other USB-C connectors, the magnetic tip of Bolt is very small with only 2.2mm which is ⅓ smaller than the tiniest magnetic tip size on the market. It's so small that you'll hardly notice it. You can use it as a dust resistant plug to prevent dust from entering the charging port.

Bolt also supports PD safe charging for your quick charge smartphone which will increase your charging efficiency by 38% from the previous generation that will fully juice up your device safely, quickly and conveniently with black and silver colors for option. 

We know your devices take a lot of daily abuse; that's why we made the Bolt extra durable. Premium neodymium magnets have been added to ensure instant connection, while each cable is put through the tensile test 4,000 times to make the Bolt more durable than any other cable on the market.

With an intelligent recognition system, the Bolt adapts to the different voltages in various USB-C devices. In addition to the MacBook and MacBook Pro, it’ll flawlessly charge your smartphone, speakers, tablets, etc.


  • Product Name: Bolt
  • Material: Magnets and TPE
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Length: 78.7 inches (about 2m)
  • Weight: 1.2 ounces (about 34g)
  • Output: 5.2V 2.4A/9V 3A/20.2V 4.3A
  • Maximum Current: 4.3A
  • Charging Port: USB-C
  • Operating Environment: -3° to 45℃
  • Compatibility: 15-inch MacBook Pro / 13-inch MacBook Pro / MacBook/     USB-C laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Speakers etc.


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  • 1年代理保養
  • 7日內有壞包換購物保障 (不包括人為損壞並須要保留完整包裝)

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